T'doshok Information


Also known as Dosha or Hsskor to the T'doshok.

Trandosha is the homeworld of the Trandoshans, reptilian creatures that can rival the neighboring Wookiees. The Trandoshans love heat and sun, and most of them reside in the massive deserts that sprawl throughout the planet. Few, however, select the jungles and swamps that can also be found on the planet.

The Trandoshans and Wookiees have a long rivalry that dates back to the beginning of time. The Wookiees had a technological edge on the Trandoshans, for they used complex mechanisms such as the bowcaster to conduct their hunts. However, Trandoshans could easily manipulate exterior forces and portrayed the Wookiees as evil, and managed to gain similar technology from outside systems.

Affectionately called Dosha by the native Trandoshans themselves, Trandosha is a world rich with mineral deposits, which led to the Trandoshans signing several recent treaties allowing mining corporations to exploit the planetary resources.

Dosh Basic Jawaese Huttese
Hatcherd Hello M'um (formal) / M'aloo (informal) H'chu apenkee
Goodbye Ubanya Mee jewz ju
Horont (formal) / Hir (informal) Yes Ibana La
Julamba (formal) / Jol (informal) No Nyeta Noah
Cumba Move
Lu Out
Jahumba Friend Eyeta Pateesa
Hak Enemy Hunya
Davjaan Burning Ha'mfoo
Money/Credits Toyneepa Moulee-rah

The Formation of the T'doshok Alliance.

The T'doshok Alliance was formed by Echo Rantae around Year 11. T'Doshok is the native word for Trandoshan. The aim of the alliance was to gather Trandoshans from all walks of life in the galaxy. They were to provide support to other of their race and protect their cultural heritage. The T'doshok Alliance was initially supported by the renowned pirate Teniel Djo. She provided a company, renamed Blackscale Salvage, to harbor the Alliance endeavours. Echo was leader of this company, who was nominally specialised in recycling, but never practiced this trade.

The Alliance Establishes the Houses.

The first movement was to establish the T'doshok Alliance as a group of bounty hunters, but it appeared that some of the founding members had different ideas. This led to the creation of three houses in the Alliance. The House Blackscale united the traditionalist Trandoshans. They were mostly bounty hunters and slavers, trying to capture or kill the best preys to please the Scorekeeper, the Trandoshan deity. House Sissk was formed from those who held a progressive view on the Scorekeeper. For them, accumulating wealth, power or knowledge could be seen as another way of hunting. They respected life and denounced slavery. They were willing to reconcile with the Wookiees. For those that did not want to choose, there was House Hsskor. Cirxis Cronossk led House Blackscale, Rick Stormchaser led House Hsskor, and Ashura Harma led House Sissk. Echo Rantae led the Alliance as Overlord and put himself above the House system. Rick Stormchaser was his second in command. Tanker Grinch was nominated Lead Hunter and was tasked with evaluating the prey stalked by the members. The society also had honorary members, most prominent was Diabolus Ut`Persolvo.

T'doshok Expansion

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Disappearance of House Leaders.

Following the lack of activity from the slowly drifting houses, and then the sudden disappearance of its leader, the Alliance slowly disappeared. Blackscale Salvage was sold and knew numerous names, finishing as Kaos Galactic Federation.

Although the Alliance was no longer aligned, those involved went on to continue providing support to fellow T'doshok. Slavers pushed further into the core worlds, traders growing ever-wealthy, and more T'doshok led organizations continued to form.

Continued Expansion of the Trandoshans.

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